Vera Narducci CEO


Vera Narducci, CEO Twin Trade

Vera Narducci, CEO Twin Trade

Together towards the most fruitful markets of the world

The last 5 years have been very hard for the majority of the Italian companies victims of a never seen before economic crisis that still today discourages who tries to stay alive in not declaring bankruptcy and slow down in advance who would like to create something new without even try.

The future is then ABROAD, go out from the Italian reality to enter foreign markets but having the suitable and right tools to do it.

To my basic qualities (I graduated in Foreign Languages in 2004) I linked my gained long-standing experience all over the world as export manager for different companies I represented abroad and I got more and more convinced that using passion and good willpower, it was time to react in creating a successful business both for myself and for companies.

If I succeeded in represent one single company as employer, why not found a company by self and represent more companies operating in different fields and producing different products creating a team of experts sales managers that would help me in promoting and finding new partner abroad for my clients/companies both in Italy and in the world?

After only 3 years I’m proud to declare I’ve won my bet!!!

Today Twin Trade is a network made of tens of  professionals and freelancers both Italian and foreigns able to support companies in everything they could need to export their name and their products in the most suitable markets for what they produce, increasing they yearly sales volume, their visibility, searching for them new commercial partner, let them to participate in international projects or even to introduce them the possibility to be financed by European or public funds to take part in national or international exhibitions, workshops or global investments and to inform them about specific foreign rules.    

Even on Google it’s possible to note that the only companies still alive today are those that tried the INTERNATIONALIZATION way using at best the endless channels that the global market allows to reach.

Our Testimonials

I have been lucky in meeting Twin Trade, a young and dynamic company with many potentialities skillfully managed by its owner Ms Vera Narducci. I didn’t need to take my time when they proposed me to represent Twin Trade in South-East Asia, first of all because I’m in a developing area and then because Twin Trade can offer a high variety of products to be sold here so I see great profitable opportunities to make business here on behalf of Italian Companies. Many thanks then to Twin Trade staff starting from Vera to have provided me with this possibility and with the honor to cooperate with themDaniele Poli, Resp. Twin Trade South- East Asia

The first impression I had of Vera Narducci was absolutely positive. I’ve been impressed by her dynamism at work and her carefulness in considering any detail in everything. What she immediately showed was her professionalism that convinced me to be a very skilled woman in her work. Thus, say Twin Trade is like say Vera. My opinion is YES, I TRUST IT!Mr. Francesco Iovene, Tax Accountant

Our main guarantee? To share the success with you! 

Our only goal is to let our clients reach new and fruitful foreign markets in order to definitely overpass the crisis. That’s why many of our services are based on the “success fee formula according to which we gain if our clients gain sharing together the success. The only risk? To remain a step backward compared to those that, trusting us, have flipped their way!

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