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The hand’s fingers are not equal to each other but they are all 5 essential for us and without one of them we would be incomplete.

Sometimes, to only focus on export could not be the right solution for your company. Not always foreign markets stand for EXPORT. Nowadays export is meaning more and more investments, production chains creation, or even IMPORT, too.

Don’t believe anymore who tells you: “Do you import? Ah ok, so you have for sure Chinese products!!!” It’s an overpassed commonplace that has no reasons to exist anymore in particular because during these 10 last years (throughout different channels) China has distinguished itself for its excellent quality.

Today for a company TO IMPORT new products means to gain decorum and the possibility to introduce innovation on the local and traditional markets.

To Import doesn’t only mean to brand with its proper logo foreign goods but to import also foreign cultures, forma mentis, new ideas never seen before in Italy or even new technologies.

Let us become your purchasing head office and we will let you enter in taking part of the most innovative projects we create for you!

Contact us to discover the endless opportunities and to talk about your specific necessities and a sales manager will dedicate you 30 MINUTES FOR FREE to let you learn more about our potentialities we could use for you in order to enlarge your business in the world!

Twin Trade sales agents are everywhere in the world able to negotiate, on behalf of your company, any kind of business both in Import and in Export in the specific market your products need to be introduced.